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A+ Science - Clinical contract services throughout the life cycle of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Site management services and representation in 17 university cities creates unmatched access to clinical resources in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

AA - Clinexa Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. - Clinexa Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with extended clinical research capabilities having a distinguished investigator network throughout India offering comprehensive clinical research and site management services...

ACORN CRO - ACORN CRO is a full service, oncology-focused contract research organization with a passion for providing value-driven, quality solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

AHRM Inc. - AHRM Inc. specializes in applied healthcare resource management for clinical trials, data management, post market surveillance, regulatory compliance and many other areas. Contact us today and let us help you with your needs.

ANTAEA Group of Companies - ANTAEA Group of Companies is a prominent CRO, dedicated to the whole spectrum of the Drug Development Process. We provide outsourcing services for the major international CROs as well as local Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries.

ARA Health Care - Healthcare contract research, developing novel biological entities including humanized monoclonal antibodies. Healthcare services including molecular diagnostics, biomaterial banks, bio databases and preclinical and phase I clinical drug development.

ARS, Inc. - A specialty CRO focusing exclusively in monitoring clinical trials. Provides project teams as well as individual monitors for client directed projects.

Aaranya Bioscience Private Limited - Provides discovery and development services like library synthesis, scaffold, building blocks, assay development, pharmacokinetics, ADMET, disease models, process research, green chemistry, impurity synthesis

Aaranya Biosciences Private Limited - CRO to provide discovery and development services for pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics,agrochemical, animal health companies

Abpro - Abpro specializes in custom antibody development. Our DiversImmune™ discovery platform has streamlined all aspects of the process to deliver antibodies at industry leading speeds against previously difficult targets.

Abridge Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. - Abridge acts as a single platform in India where you can get the details of all the preclinical and clinical contract research service providers about their capability, expertise, experience, knowledge, strength, and weakness.

AccelLAB Inc. (Safety and Efficacy Testing of Medical Devices) - AccelLAB provides product safety and efficacy studies for the evaluation of medical devices under GLP conditions. Services include protocol design, on-site surgeries and pathology reports. Imaging modalities include CT, MRI, radiography and Micro CT.

AccelRx Clinical Trials Marketing - Rapid deployment patient enrollment and physician referrals for 5-75 sites. New patient retention initiatives. Calculate program costs on-line at

Accelovance - Accelovance is an award-winning among Clinical Research Organizations based in USA. proven CRO that provides Solutions to address clinical needs and meet business objectives.

Advanced Biomedical Research, Inc. - Full Service CRO. Phase I-IV services: Pivotal Phase III multinational studies, Project Management, Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics, Report Writing, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Consultation. Also 72 bed Phase I-IIa Clinical Research Facility.

Advanced Clinical Research Services - Advanced Clinical Research Services is a full-service Clinical Research Orfanisation committed to extend and improve patients’ well-being by accelerating clinical trials services for emerging biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device technologies.

Advanced Clinical Research - A progressive Clinical Trials Management Organization committed to providing superior service and quality data collection to the medical community.

Advantar Labs - The CMC Superheros - San Diego CA based Advantar Laboratories is a GLP and cGMP contract analytical laboratory specializing in Analytical Development and Formulation services for large molecule and small molecule programs.

Akron Clinical - Akron Clinical headquartered in US provides clinical development services to pharmaceutical biotechnology companies, and CROs interested in conducting clinical trials in Latin America. Akron provides a wide range of services from Phase I to IV.

Alera Labs, LLC. - Alera Labs - Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Advanced Analytical Method Development utilizing Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography techniques

Alera Labs, LLC. - Alera Labs - Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in Advanced Analytical Method Development utilizing Liquid and Gas Chromatography techniques

Algorithme Pharma - Operates two independent clinics in Canada with a total of 136 beds for pharmacokinetic, bioequivalence and pharmacology studies. A state-of-the-art analytical laboratory offers over 100 analytical methods for clinical sample analysis.

Allphase Clinical Research, Inc - Allphase is a progressive Contract Research Organization (CRO). Our core competency is sponsor-side clinical trial management services, with particular experience in oncology.

Almedis - Independent Clinical Research and Consultancy Organization, specialized in managing and execution of international and local clinical trials in Russia and Ukraine, in regulatory and medical affairs

Alquest, Inc. - A medical device CRO that helps obtain FDA regulatory approval (IDE/PMA 510(k)) and provides assistance with quality systems management (GMP, ISO, SOP) or third party internal audits. Also manages clinical trials with study design and strategy, monitoring, data management, reports and submissions.

Alturas Analytics, Inc. - Focused on innovative and research-intensive LC/MS/MS bioanalysis such as dried blood spot (DBS) analysis and bioanalysis of peptides, Alturas Analytics offers specialized LC/MS/MS bioanalytical services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Alturas Analytics - Alturas Analytics provides LC/MS/MS contracting to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries including GLP, NON-GLP method development, validation, sample analysis, dried blood spot (DBS), PK and TK. We are capable of all biological matrices.

Amarex Clinical Research - Offers a full array of services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and medical diagnostic development industries. Services include phase I through IV development planning, protocol development, clinical monitoring, data management, analysis, medical writing, and FDA and other regulatory presentations.

Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories, Inc. - Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories, Inc. (ABC Laboratories) – A GLP and CGMP-compliant drug development partner supporting preclinical, clinical and complete CMC programs, with niche competencies in radiolabeling synthesis (including GMP), Method Development, ADME, Extractables/Leachables and Stability programs.

Anapharm - Canadian contract research organization (CRO) that provides clinical and bioanalytical research services associated with Phase I / bioequivalence clinical research, including bioanalysis.

Animal Health Consulting, LLC - Veterinary drug development and veterinary contract research experts. Prescott, AZ.

Appletree Ltd - Clinical research and development in ophthalmology, clinical investigations for medical devices.

Apredica - ADME/Tox Contract Research - Contract research services for the evaluation and optimization of the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination, Toxicity - (ADME Tox) - and Pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates early in the drug-discovery process.

Arete Clinical Research Pvt Ltd - Arête Clinical Research Pvt Ltd is a full service organization specializing in clinical monitoring, project management, regulatory support, training and consultation services

Asian Clinical Trials - Inidan CRO designs and conducts preclinical and clinical phase I to IV trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies without compromising on ICH-GCP standards.

AsisChem, Inc. - Discovery Chemistry Services - Drug discovery support services include medicinal chemistry, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, custom synthesis and scale up. Products consist of over 4,700 building blocks and over 300,000 screening compounds.

Atlantic Research Group - Full service CRO specializing in assisting small to medium size biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Auriga Research Limited - AURIGA RESEARCH LIMITED offers a complete range of services from conducting Bioequivalence /Bioavailability (BE/BA) studies to Phase I - Phase IV clinical trials to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries worldwide.

Averion Inc. - An independent CRO (formerly Boston Biostatistics, Inc.) providing services such as clinical trials program planning and study design, clinical and medical monitoring, medical writing, database development, data management, biometrics, compliance and validation, and FDA representation for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Averion - Averion, Inc. (formerly Boston Biostatistics, Inc.) is a Contract Research Organization providing clinical trials support for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Averion provides clinical trials management, study design, clinical and medical monitoring, medical writing, database development, data management, biostatistics, FDA consulting,

Azidus Laboratories Ltd - A CFRO offering a complete range of services from Fromulation development, conducting Bioequivalence /Bioavailability (BE/BA) studies to Phase I - Phase IV clinical trials to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries worldwide

B. McLaughlin Associates, Inc. - BMA. Clinical Research Organization (CRO). A Specialized provider of clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

BBK Patient Recruitment - A nationally recognized leader in clinical trial patient recruitment. We provide complete, creative marketing communications solutions for the healthcare medical marketplace.

Baltic Clinical Research - Baltic Clinical Research is a fully local CRO focused exclusively on Baltic countries - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Bio Pharma Services Inc. (Canadian CRO) - Bio Pharma is an FDA-inspected CRO dedicated to BE studies and Phase I/IIa clinical trials in healthy volunteers and patients. We have over 150 beds in a modern clinical facility in based in Toronto, Canada.

Bio-Synthesis - BSI is a manufacturer of custom peptide synthesis, polyclonal antibodies, bioconjugates, oligos, DNA, RNA, LNA, PNA, organic synthesis, microarrays and a diverse number of bimolecular products for the biomedical/life science community worldwide.

BioAnaLab Ltd - A contract research organisation specialising in analysis of biological therapeutics. GxP services including pharmacokinetics / toxicokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity (ADA) and biological potency testing.

BioClin Health Research - An independent health research facility specializing in comprehensive clinical trial management and coordination services for physicians, sponsors, clinical research coordinators and associates.

BioDevelopment Associates, LLC - Providing consulting and testing services for pilot feasibility, proof of concept, and preclincial evaluation of new medical products.

BioDiscovery-Solutions for future - BioDiscovery-Solutions for future envisions a disease free society and aims at contributing its technology and services in projects affiliated with Drug Discovery/Designing & Bioprogramming

BioEnenergetics LLC pre-clinical CRO - BioEnergetics is a full service contract research organization (CRO), located in Boston MA. With experience in mitochondrial related research and expertise in mitochondrial respirometry and pre-clinical research.

BioEnenergetics LLC - BioEnergetics is a full service contract research organization (CRO), located in Boston MA. With over 12 years of experience in mitochondrial related research and a profound expertise in mitochondrial respirometry.

BioPharma Institute - Online training for pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals, including regulatory affairs, clinical research, and more.

BioReliance - BioReliance is the leading provider of GLP and cGMP compliant contract services supporting testing, development and manufacturing of biologics worldwide.

Bioanalytical Services - Norwich Clinical Services provides quantitative measurements of active drug and/or metabolites in biological matrices. Our method development team is committed to developing methods with the lowest LOQs and quick turnaround time.

BiologicsCorp - Recombinant Protein Manufacturer - BiologicsCorp focuses on recombinant protein production and provides GUARANTEED protein expression service and thousands of recombinant proteins in house

Bionique Testing Laboratories - Global leader over 20 yrs providing mycoplasma testing services, kits and consultation to biopharmaceutical companies, institutions and media/sera manufacturers. Testing includes cell cultures, biologicals and vaccines for mycoplasma contamination.

Biotrofix Preclinical CRO - Premier preclinical contract research organization specializing in animal models of CNS, cardiac and vascular disease.

Biovail Contract Research - Dedicated to Phase I clinical trials, including first-in-man, dose-ranging, pharmacokinetic, bioavailability, drug interaction, and bioequivalence studies in healthy volunteers. Facility is located in Toronto, Canada has a 230-bed clinic and bioanalytical laboratory.

Blue Sky Biotech Contract Research Organization - As a contract research organization, Blue Sky Biotech is an integrated service provider of “Gene To Screen” discovery biologicals. Blue Sky Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture/Fermentation, and Protein Sciences (including biochemistry) services.

Boston Regulatory Consulting - We specialize in composition of IRB submissions utilizing local IRB or central IRB forms, applications and procedures. Clinical study file maintenance and TMF management.

Bradstreet - Bradstreet is a contract research organization that provides quality clinical research and regulatory affairs services to pharmaceutical, medical device and medical education companies, for over 15 years.

C.R.O.Cont(r)acts - Serves both the pharmaceutical/biotechnology and contract research industries to help achieve more productive CRO-sponsor relationships.

C3 Research Associates - C3 Research Associates is a premier full service CRO. C3 Research Associates supports all aspects of clinical trials, specializing in early phase development.

CARE Research, Inc. - CARE Research is a CRO located in Colorado. Facilities are available to conduct preclinical studies using a wide variety of species from mice to dogs. Our prices are often ½ that of other CROs. Contact: Daniel Black, BS, RQAP-GLP

CARE Research, LLC - CARE Research is a preclinical CRO serving biomedical/pharma. We provide in-vivo PK, TK, Toxicology, Feed,& Range finding studies. Competitive Pricing expeditious Turnaround.

CCS Associates, Inc. - Full service CRO with expertise in all areas of clinical research and drug development, including preclinical/nonclinical studies, clinical trial management, data management, regulatory services, quality assurance, and medical writing.

CLINNOV8 - clinical research, clinical research India - Clinnov8, Clinical Research Services India offers clinical research education, clinical research courses, clinical research training for lifesceince gradautes.

CLINOVEX - Clinical Research Solutions - CLINOVEX – Clinical Research Solutions located in cochin, India is a premier Research & Training institute in clinical & biomedical sciences providing high quality, innovative approach to both Research & Training.

CPC Clinical Research - CPC is an academically led clinical research organization who has responded to the demands of a fast-paced clinical research industry and competitive market for over two decades.

CPS Cortex Ltd. - CPS Cortex CRO was founded in 2005 with the aim of becoming one of the most reliable partner of Hungarian and international pharmaceutical companies, CRO-s, hospitals and other health institutions in the planning and realization of clinical trials.

CRO - Contract Research Organization services by Sapala Organics - Sapala Organics Private Limited is a Contract Research Organization(CRO) specializing in custom synthesis of Organic Compounds.

CRO TURK - Contract Research Organization in Turkey - CROTURK is a full service CRO dedicated to international trials of all phases, observational studies, medical device studies with regulatory actions to monitoring activities and post-study actions.

CRO - MEK Consulting is a regional contract research organization, founded in 1999, with offices in Athens and Beirut and operations in Greece, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa.

CRO - AXIS is one of the industry leaders in contract clinical research in India. Since the inception in Sep 2004, AXIS with ~450 employees has conducted >1000 studies for biopharmaceutical companies. AXIS has been inspected by several regulatory authorities

CRO/SMO - Helix Research Center Pvt Ltd is the India(Hyderabad) based company offering Contract Research,Audting,onsulting, Site Management,Training,Medical writing services etc for global market.

CUORE International, Inc. - CUORE International, Inc. is the premier consultant and provider of focused customized onsite training to cardiovascular professionals globally. Our clients include providers, insurors, academic centers, CROs, and pharma/device industry.

Cambridge Health Tech - Cambridge Health Tech performs clinical research studies assessing skin & wound related products. Led by Dr Stephen Young who has almost 30 yrs exp. in skin & wound research, the team can provide clients with a wide range of services related to this area.

Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials (CCCT) - CCCT has been established with the purpose of matching professionals carrying out clinical investigations with eligible candidates, while simultaneously matching patients with existing or upcoming clinical trials most suitable to their condition(s).

Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences Pvt Ltd - Complete End to End Services for Drug Development,Commercialisation,Consulting for Alternative System of Medicine

Cardiomedex is a CRO specializing in cardiovascular disorders and based on a global and transversal, preclinical and clinical vision. - With unparalleled scientific and clinical expertises in niche fields like oncocardiology and neurcardiology, we offer: - preclinical and clinical efficacy and safety assays for drugs - evaluation of cardiovascular benefit risk/ratio of compounds

Carolinas Research Associates - Clinical trials management organization in Charlotte, North Carolina partners with board-certified local physicians to provide study management and administrative support for study sponsors.

Cato Research - A full-service, privately held contract research organization provides expertise in the development of drugs, biologics, medical devices, and nutrition products across a variety of therapeutic areas.

Celerion - Celerion is one of the largest and most experienced CROs, formed through the acquisition of the early stage development and consultancy operations of MDS Pharma Services.

Cellecta, Inc. - Cellecta is a contract research company whose primary focus is to develop advanced high-throughput (HT) genetic screen technologies and their applications for the discovery and functional characterization of novel therapeutic targets and drugs.

Cenduit - Clinical Trials Management IRT Solution - Cenduit delivers Interactive Response Technology solutions (IVRS/IWRS) to support multi-continent Pharma clinical programs.

Center for Health Services Research - Undertakes research projects on a contractual basis for industry, organizations, individuals, and governmental agencies.

Certified Medical Translation Services - Lyric Labs is an ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 certified company and one of the largest providers of medical translation services with a focus on certified translation services to medical device manufacturers.

ChemSun Research ICIDR - Specialty US-CHINA contract research organization focused on immune, cancer and infectious disease research. R&D Services include identifying new candidates, regulatory strategy & submissions, clinical trial management, drug release testing.

Chiltern International - Chiltern International is a full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO), with 20 years of experience in all phases of clinical research, in most therapeutic areas.

Chiltern International - Provides a full range of services for international and national management of clinical trials in Europe and North America.

Cica Biomedical Ltd (Wound Healing Research) - Cica Biomedical Ltd is a British CRO that specializes in undertaking pre-clinical and clinical research studies for the wound healing/tissue repair, wound management & tissue viability sectors.

Cirion Biopharma Research - Offers clinical research, pre-clinical GLP, laboratory assay development and central laboratory services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

ClinACE - ClinACE provides full service support for Phase II-IV, Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS), clinical equivalence and other trials to support Medical Devices, NDA, 505(b)(2) submissions for the Pharma Innovative Drug and Generics industries.

ClinStat - ClinStat is an independent contract research organization (CRO) in Cologne, Germany. We work according to international quality standards and in the process we also take client-specific needs into account.

ClinStat, Inc. - Contract research services for general design and conduct of clinical investigations and for specific disorders of extreme stress (PTSD, DES).

Clinartis - Clinartis is a performance-based clinical research service provider with access to the United States, the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

Clinetica Biosciences International, Inc. - Clinetica Biosciences International, Inc. is a globally preeminent contract Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and Management Consulting Corporation serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Clinexa Life Sciences - We are a Site Management Organization (SMO) with a distinguished investigator network throughout India offering comprehensive site management services to Contract Research Organizations (CRO), Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies.

Clinical Assistance Programs - Management organization providing services to life science companies engaged in clinical trial activity.

Clinical Data Management from MAJARO InfoSystems - MAJARO provides SAS-Based Clinical Data Management Software and CRO services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

Clinical Development Consultants - Aptuit Consulting is a global pharmaceutical development, medical device and intellectual property consultancy.

Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. - Full service CRO specializing in monitoring and project management services.

Clinical Research Organization (CRO) B. McLaughlin Associates - BMA. Clinical Research Organization (CRO). A Specialized provider of clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Study Management - Data Management - Regulatory Document Collection - Project Management

Clinical Solutions International, LLC - A full service CRO with expertise in all areas of medical device clinical research including preclinical/postclinical studies, trials, site management, regulatory affairs, monitoring, and technical/medical writing.

Clinical Supplies Management Inc. - A full service clinical supplies CRO which employs a pharmacist’s philosophy and comprehensively links the conventional services of logistics, packaging, labeling, distribution, and reconciliation under one roof.

Clinical research service provider - We at Clinfound focus on Quality, Ethics and Well-being of the clinical trial subject.

Clinimetrics Research Associates - An international CRO headquartered in San Jose, CA providing the following services: clinical trial monitoring and management, project management, data management, biostatistics, compliance auditing, regulatory submissions, and GLP pre-clinical services.

Clinitrial CRO - CliniTrial is a CRO started their operations in SAS Clinical Programming and Clinical Data Management Projects.

Clinovo - Clinical Data Solutions - Clinovo provides sponsors with full-service biometrics. It leverage best-of-breed technologies to develop turn-key solutions that accelerate clinical trials. Founded in 2003, Clinovo is located in Sunnyvale and San Diego, CA, USA.

Clinovo, Inc - Clinovo is a leading edge Clinical Data Solutions Provider. We provide local full service biometrics, such as Clinical Data Management, Electronic Data Capture, Biostatistics, CDISC mapping and Medical Writing, as well as clinical Staffing Solutions.

Clinquest Inc. - Clinquest is a Healthcare Product Development Service provider and CRO specializing in: Pharmacovigilance Services for Investigational and Marketed Products, Medical Information, Drug Development Consulting and Clinical Trial Implementation services.

Clintec International - ClinTec International is a full service CRO with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, specialising in the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Clintegral Contract Monitoring - clinical trial monitoring - phase II, III and IV studies in India. - Clintegral is a Contract Monitoring Organization which provides clinical trial monitoring services for phase II, III and IV studies in India.

Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. - Commonwealth Biotechnologies, Inc. (CBI) is the most comprehensive contract research organization in the market today, allows CBI to offer true customized project design and management. CBI's fully automated instrumentation offers rapid turnaround time and accurate results.

Comprehensive Contract Chemistry and Biology Provider - AMRI provides scientific services, products and technologies that improve quality of life while delivering excellence, value and maximum return.

Confluence Discovery Technologies - Pharmaceutical discovery and development, Synthetic and computational chemistry, Coupling assay technology with biological relevance, Mechanistic enzymology, PK/PD relationship, Biomarker assay development

Contract CRO - Contract Research Outsourcing

Contract Laboratory Services - Rhys Biotech Ltd. provides services through an integrated system of modern, fully equipped laboratories that can simultaneously analyse a wide variety of sample matrices.

Contract Labortories - Validation Laboratories Inc. provides cost effective and rapid Contract Labs: Microbiology Testing Labs , Chemical Testing, Method Development, Assay Validation, and Bioanalytical Services. Email: Tel: 866-539-1536

Contract Research Organization - Rho, Inc. - Full service contract research organization specializing in Biostatistics, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Operations, Medical Writing, Statistical Programming, Product Safety, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.

Contractual research in herbal sector - We offer contractual research in the following areas 1. Phytochemistry 2. Bioassays (biochemical and cell based) 3. Phytochemical analysis 4. Experimental pharmacology (efficacy evaluation)

Conversant Healthcare Systems, Inc - Provides highly annotated clinical specimens including PBMC's, BMMC's, Plasma, Serum, Solid Tumors and Normals for research use

Covance - One of the world's largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies.

Covance: the CRO for drug development and clinical services - Covance is a comprehensive, biopharmaceutical development services company with preclinical and clinical research operations across the globe. Covance's purpose is to lead advancements in drug development through science, service, and shaping solutions.

Creative Animidel Inc - Creative animodel offer a transgenic mouse technology research and development services.

CroMedica Group of Medicines Development Companies - An innovative clinical research organization that offers the complete range of integrated services required for global medicines development.

Crossover - Crossover collaborates with a network of healthcare institutions to identify and recruit patients into clinical trials via dedicated clinical research units which it establishes, staffs and manages.

Crown Bioscience, Inc. - The Biology CRO Our oncology and biology expertise enhance our customer's ability to bring novel therapeutics to the marketplace that will help cure cancer patients.

Curo Clinical Data Management - Curo Clinical Data Management is a small CRO providing high quality, comprehensive and customer focused Clinical Data Management services with external collaborations in biostatistics and statistical programming.

Cyanta Analytical Services - Analytical research & development for pharmaceuticals & medical devices. Custom synthesis, method development, stability, extractable leachables, method validation, bioanalytical services, impurity profiles, characterization, non-routine investigations

D-TARGET, the medical device and diagnostics CRO - D-TARGET is dedicated to supporting medical device clinical research projects ranging from strategic and regulatory advisory services, clinical trial set-up and operations through to post marketing surveillance and clinical registry support.

DNAVision, your genetic solution - DNAVision SA is a contract laboratory specialized in genetic. Our services include pharmacogenomic (genotyping, expression profile on patients & animals), biopharmaceutical (genetic stability, residual DNA), human diagnostics & biological banking.

Database of Worldwide based companies working in clinical research (CRA and CRO, Regulatory Affairs, any other jobs) - MPPhase is a database of companies working in Clinical Research.

DermTech International - Focuses on testing the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and consumer dermatologic products. Also has an operating division dedicated to molecular diagnostics, including pharmacogenomics, and proteomics in healthy and diseased skin.

Drug Monitoring Research Institute - Drug Monitoring Research Institute (D.M.R.I.) is an independent CRO providing drug research support to pharmaceutical industries in drug development phases beginning from NDA to ANDA submissions.

EMINENT Services Corporation - We can assist from the clinical subject randomization to design and implementation of the study product to double blind labeling and to the distribution to the clinical sites. We maintain a Biological Specimen Repository for the clinical samples.

East West Biopharma - We are a specialist CRO operating one of the largest clinical research networks in Eastern Europe.

Eliapharma Services Inc - Drug discovery and CRO support. Services include: analytical, bioanalytical, preclinical, immunology, medicinal chemistry, stable and radioisotope labeled synthesis, metabolite synthesis. We stock a large number of labeled drug compounds and metabolites.

Emissary, Inc. - Providing clinical trial monitoring and study management services to pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies in the US and now also throughout Europe.

EmpiriStat - EmpiriStat, Inc. is a small, woman-owned clinical trial partner specializing in biostatistics and statistical programming. We also do regulatory work, clinical monitoring, safety reporting, data management and medical writing.

Enunce: Korean Medical Translation - Provides Korean / English translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents and biotech patents

Ephyra Biosciences Inc. - Ephyra biosciences can provide you with your needed preclinical study design and/or study execution (in vitro or in vivo. We can analyze your samples using the latest technology s (e.g. multiplex).

Europe - Middle East & Africa Clinical Research (EMEACR) - Full Service CRO dedicated to deliver high quality service to Pharma/Biotech and Medical device companies.

Exodon Neuroscience Research - A comprehensive contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in the neurosciences. Servicing the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Experimur, A Contract Research Organization - Experimur, a Contract Research Organization, is a toxicology testing and research laboratory with extensive experience in the conduct of pre-clinical (non-clinical) and regulatory toxicology studies.

Explora BioLabs - A San Diego-based contract research organization (CRO) that provides preclinical in vivo contract research and rental vivarium services to the biotech, pharmaceutical and academic communities.

Feuerbach and Associates - Clinical and Scientific Data Analysis Consultants to the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry We are experts in preparing, analyzing, reporting and validating laboratory, cardiac, endocrine, oncology, anti-viral and analgesic drug study data.

Find a Lab! - Laboratory Outsource Network for laboratories

Full Service Contract laboratory, Analytical & Microbiology Testing - Validation Labs Inc. provides cost effective and fast Microbiology, Analytical, and Bioanalytical Services for Pharmaceutical, Food, and Cosmetic Industry.

G-SuPort - Clinical research contract organisation based in Baltic countries provides widerange of clinical research services pharmaceutical clients

GENTIAE Clinical Research - Full service CRO that specializes in helping the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry bring new cardiovascular medicines and devices to market. Special services include EKG, echo and Holter core labs.

GLCC Research Organisation Limited - The Green Lane Coordinating Centre (GLCC) is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO)in Auckland, New Zealand.

GRC Genuine Research Organization - GRC Genuine Research Center is a full service CRO and bioequivalence center with a prime objective of supplying our customers and health authorities the highest standard of drug evaluation and bioequivalence studies.

Gaea Pharma Ltd. - Gaea is a full-service CRO and Clinical Consultancy committed to excellent service in phase I-III trials in oncology. We celebrate our 20th year in clinical research in June 2014.

GenScript Corporation - Biology CRO offering solutions to molecular biology, gene synthesis, protein expression, peptide synthesis, and antibody production.

Global Clinicals Inc. - Global Clinicals Inc. is a full service contract research organization (CRO) based in Los Angeles, California that specializes in human efficacy clinical trials for validating product claims.

Global Research Services, LLC - Full-service CRO serving sponsors for 25 years with a specialized focus on the efficient development of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic drugs and devices with Speed to Value™ solutions for value-driven Phase I-IV worldwide product development.

Grayline Clinical Drug Trials - A full-service CRO dedicated to providing clinical trials management and support to pharmaceutical companies for Phase I – IV clinical trials under FDA review since 1986.

Gulf Coast Research Associates, Inc. - Clinical Site Management Organization specializing in coordinating clinical studies.

Healthcare Communications Group - Providing proven global and US subject enrollment, recention and operiational improvment for clinical trials. Site selection. Evidence-based metrics. 800.504.0933.

Herac AB - Herac is a flexible and service minded CRO based in Sweden. Herac are experts in managing clinical trials, from feasibility to close-out. Depending on the need Herac offers custom-made services with high quality and cost effectiveness in the Nordics.

Highland Statistics Ltd. - Statistical consultancy, data analysis and courses.

HySynth BioTechnologies P Ltd - HySynth Biotechnologies is a Chennai-based CRO with service portfolio encompassing Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, and Clinical Research. The facility complies with global regulatory standards.

IBR Inc. Institute for Biopharmaceutical Research - IBR Inc. a Swiss GLP-compliant CRO provides assay development validation and sample testing in preclinical and clinical studies. Broad spectrum of bioanalytical methods

ICON Clinical Research - Providing the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries with exceptional clinical research management & biometric services.

ICTA International Clinical Trial Association - International CRO offering a Full Service Activity (from consultancy until the final study report) in interventional and non interventional clinical trials (phase I to IV, epidemiology, PASS studies, Health Technology Assessment "pricing").

IITRI - IITRI is a fully accredited, GLP compliant preclinical CRO. IITRI provides IND-enabling studies and a full range of toxicology, efficacy, PK and ADME services. 125,000 sq/ft facility located in Chicago, Illinois

IMPACT - Clinical Research - A CRO dedicated to implementing and advancing clinical trials in the U.S.

INC Research - A therapeutically focused, full service contract research organization specializing in drug development services for drugs used to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders and cancer.

IVER Biomedical Research - We innovate solution for your needs. Efficient team conduct Phase 1 to 4 studies Based in India, we have contact offices in UK, USA and Australia. We supply for two multicentre International trials. Contact Us, Feel the Innovation

Iberica USA: Clinical Research Management - IBERICA USA is a full-service CRO providing complete clinical assistance throughout the development process, including biostatistics, data management, medical writing and regulatory affairs.

ImmunoSite Technologies LLC - IST develops and performs assays for Cell Mediated Immunity to assess immune status & function. When appropriate we qualify, standardize, and automate these assays.

ImmunoSite Technologies LLC - IST develops and performs assays for Cell Mediated Immunity to assess immune status & function. When appropriate we qualify, standardize, and automate these assays

ImmunoSite Technologies, LLC - A specialty CRO providing testing services and products for Cell Mediated Immunity, Immune Monitoring, and Particle Characterization, to biotech, pharma, and other industries.

Info Kinetics - Info Kinetics is a one-stop specialist pharmacokinetics and clinical trials services (BA/BE, Phase I-IV) company serving the biotecnology and pharmaceutical companies in drug trials and drug analyses

InfoQuest Clinical Network, Inc. - InfoQuest Clinical Network, Inc.

InfoQuest - Clinical services network which partners with pharmaceutical, device, and biomedical companies to provide innovative clinical operations solutions.

Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services - A full-service CRO for the global pharmaceutical industry, including clinical research recruitment.

Innovative Analytics - Innovative Anayltics (IA) provides comprehensive data management, statistical analyses, and medical writing services supporting Ph 0-IV to life science companies.

Innoventz Corporation - Innoventz delivers expert consulting and implementation services for clinical data management. We provide services in EDC, development of Case Report Forms (CRFs), and advanced data toots and systems integration.

Instat Services - Biostatistical services for clinical research

Integrated Biomolecule Corporation - Analytical services in a GLP/GMP environment for large and small molecules. Methods development & validation, advanced analytical characterization, pk/pd, biomarker discovery, stability & release assays.

Integrated Research Inc. - Since 1992, Integrated Research Inc., a Canadian CRO, has provided clinical research management services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms worldwide. Our full range of services span from Phase I studies to Post-Marketing Surveillance programs.

Integrated Therapeutic Solutions Inc. - A specialized contract research group providing flexible, value-added therapeutic solutions including: scientific and regulatory writing regulatory assistance medical/safety monitoring and compliance and program and project management.

Integrium - Cardiovascular and Metabolic Specialists - Integrium is a full-service CRO specialized in CV and metabolic disease trials. We combine focused expertise with strong operational capabilities. Our trial experience spans across all stages of clinical development and stretches around the globe.

International Drug Development Institute (IDDI) - Offers a wide range of flexible services to match your needs in biostatistical design and analysis, medical writing, data management, clinical operations, centralised databases, interactive voice response systems, and web-based tools for clinical research.

Intrinsic Imaging LLC - Intrinsic Imaging is an ISO certified imaging core lab partner providing clinical image management and radiological review services in support of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and CROs that are conducting clinical trials.

Invivopharm - Drug biodistribution, whole-body and tissue autoradiography and receptor occupancy studies in rodents with radiolabeled drugs

Iris Pharma - Iris Pharma is an independent Contract Research Organization, dedicated to preclinical and clinical research in ophthalmology.

JCL Bioassay USA, Inc. - JCL Bioassay USA is a highly dedicated and responsive bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO) for preclinical and clinical bioanalysis.

JSS Medical Research - JSS Medical Research is a leading Canadian full-service CRO serving the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device sectors.

JSS Medical Research - A full service CRO based in Montreal, Canada with particular expertise in post marketing observational studies (PMOS)

Klifo A/S - Leading Scandinavian CRO - Klifo is a full service CRO, that also offers drug development councelling and clinical trial supply.

Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT) - GLP certified by Korean and international regulatory authorities based on OECD and US FDA GLP criteria. First in Asia accredited by AAALAC (1998). Offers full range of non-clinical services with high scientific standards and competitive prices.

Krell Clinical Communications - We create readable, visually enhanced informed consent documents and clinical trial materials for study sponsors. Krell improves informed consent forms (ICFs) by correcting the problems of readability and comprehension with their proven solution VECTER.

Kriger Research Group International - Kriger Research Group International: CRO providing international services in many areas of research.

LAB Research Inc, - LAB Research Inc. is a leading CRO with purpose-built facilities in Canada, Denmark & Hungary. We provide the full range of nonclinical services required for the development & registration of products for pharmaceutical, biotech & agrochemical market.

Lambda Therapeutic Research Inc. - Committed to providing full drug development services: first-in-man, dose-ranging, pharmacokinetic, bioavailability, bioequivalence and Phase I studies. Facility is located in Toronto, Canada and has a 190-bed clinic plus bioanalytical laboratory.

Liatris Biosciences - Provides Contract Research on Scientific Custom Data curation, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Name to Structure, Bioindexing, Microarray Data Analysis, Patent Search Services, Biological Database Development, Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management

LifeSci Partners, LLC - A biomedical consulting practice offering clinical development, business development, project management, technical writing, regulatory and related services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.

Lifetree Clinical Research - Clinical research organization providing clinical trial and drug development services to biopharmaceutical and device companies.

Lotus Clinical Research - We're a clinical research & trials management organization, specializing in analgesics and chronic pain.

Lyric Labs - Certified Medical Translation Services - Lyric Labs is an ISO 9001 and DIN EN 15038 certified company and one of the largest providers of medical translation services with a focus on certified translation services to medical device manufacturers.

M-Scan - Expert in biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical product analysis, from small molecules through to NMEs, oligonucleotides, generics/biosimilars, peptides and proteins, engineered glycoproteins or monoclonal antibodies.

MCM BIOMED - MCM Biomed (est 2007) is first CRO located in Bosnia and Herzegovina aiming to develop a highly efficient network of scientists and professionals in biomedical and biotechnology field.

MD Biosciences - Provides advanced services and research related products for pre-clinical research in the area of inflammatory drug discovery for arthritis, MS (EAE), IBD, asthma, Crohn’s Disease.

MDS Pharma Services - A global contract research organization, offering a complete spectrum of services in drug discovery and development.

MMS Holdings, Inc. - A pharmaceutical and medical device service organization that is focused on quality deliverables in the areas of Clinical Programming, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, and Pharmacovigilance.

Marin Biologic Laboratories - Marin Biologic Laboratories provides custom research and development as well as GLP and GMP compliant assay development, validation and testing services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and agricultural industries.

Marquis Research - A niche provider in oncology clinical research provides clinical trial management, monitoring, data management, quality assurance and medical writing.

Medelis - Full service specialty oncology CRO providing preclinical, phase I, phase II, and phase III trial management services for clients who need clinical answers faster.

Medical Device Consultants, Inc. (MDCI) - A full-service CRO and regulatory consultancy, helping medical device, in vitro diagnostic and biotechnology manufacturers overcome the regulatory, clinical, and QA challenges of bringing new medical technology to market and maintaining compliance.

Meditrial Europe - Excellence in clinical research - Meditrial, an ISO 9001 certified CRO, offers a full range of trial management and regulatory services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Medpace - Medpace is a clinical research organization and drug development service, critical to the advancement of global trials.

Mene CRO - MENE CRO is a contract research organization located in Istanbul, Turkey. We aim to build long term,reliable relationships based on our four principles : innovation,trust,speed,quality.

Mesned Clinical Research Organisation - Mesned CRO is a full service Contract Research Organization Head quartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which acts as a strategic and successful vendor to the healthcare/ pharmaceuticals/ research/ academic organization in MENA region.

MicroConstants - a bioanalytical and PK specialty CRO - MicroConstants is a GLP-compliant CRO that provides bioanalytical, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and immunoassay support services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. We specialize in method development, validation and sample analysis.

Midwest Bio Services - Provides protein identification services utilizing tandem mass spectrometry.

Millenix, Inc. - Provides comprehensive Phase I-IV clinical trials support in oncology (cancer), AIDS, infectious disease, and other complex, chronic disorders.

Moncoa Medical Research Inc. - Provides a full range of services specializing in project management, monitoring, data management and statistical analysis serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

Monitor Medical Research and Consulting - International CRO services based in Istanbul, Turkey. - Uses Internet technology to link independent monitors directly with interested pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and CROs.

Mount Sinai Services Inc. - Customized laboratory and research services. We work closely with Mount Sinai Hospital to support innovation in the life sciences. We specialize in clinical trials for in vitro diagnostics and point of care medical devices.

Musculoskeletal Clinical Regulatory Advisers, LLC (MCRA) - MCRA’s unique Clinical Research Organization (CRO) enables international and US-based orthopedic and cardiovascular companies of all sizes to successfully execute a clinical study.

NAMSA, North American Science Associates - Independent laboratory with affiliates worldwide. Provides biological, chemical and physical testing services to the medical device industry, and offers education, consultation and on-site evaluation of customer operations.

NCGS Laboratories, Inc. - A mid-size full-service CRO committed to establishing long-term and successful partnerships with their clients. Experienced in trials for therapeutic and diagnostic products.

NeuroInvestigations - We provide comprehensive evaluation of genetically altered animals. We have extensive experience in behavioural testing of rats and mice, as well as in morphologic and biochemical evaluation of neural changes following treatment.

NeuroRevolution - NeuroRevolution, Inc. is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to the evaluation of new drug candidates and targets for neuropsychiatric disorders and related research programs.

NeuroRevolution - NeuroRevolution is a drug discovery and development research solutions provider. We specialize in preclinical testing and development in neuroscience and also capabilities in cardiology, metabolism, dmpk, and bioanalytical testing.

Neuromorphometrics - Provides quantitative anatomical measurements of brain regions using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for neuroscience research, drug trials, and clinical medicine.

New England Research Institutes, Inc. - NERI offers exceptional research capabilities, including full CRO services with clients worldwide.

Next Generation Clinical Research - Next Generation is a contract research organization providing clinical trial services including project management, clinical monitoring, medical safety and data management.

Next Phase Research - Next Phase Research is a research service provider offering late-phase research solutions to support the commercialization of medical products.

Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd - Full service CRO providing clinical research, technical writing, and expert medical advice to the pharmaceutical, medical device, nutraceutical, and related industries.

Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services - Offers phase I confinement study services to generic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Houston, Texas.

Numira Biosciences - Numira Biosciences is a preclinical CRO focused on helping the Life Sciences community develop better products through the most innovative technologies including microCT imaging, 3D quantitative image analysis, histology, and 3D cell screening in oncology

Omega CRO - OMEGA CRO is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides high quality clinical and epidemiological research management to national and international pharmaceutical companies and other health-related organizations.

Omnicare Clinical Research - Providing complete worldwide contract research services for phase I through IV clinical trials and pharmaceutics services, including formulation development, stability and analytical chemistry.

Oncotest GmbH - Patient derived tumor xenograft (PDX) models for in vivo, 2D and 3D assays, and biomarker analyses.

Operatrix Consulting Inc. - Provides research support services, including project management, temporary resourcing and other project based services to the pharmaceutical industry within North American and/or Europe.

Orbit Biotech Pvt. Ltd. - An ISO 9001:2008 certified contract research organization

P3 Research, Ltd. - Specializing in fast, high-quality clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry, including design, analysis, and monitoring-Wellington, NZ.

PAREXEL International - PAREXEL offers a range of services to assist the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in bringing new products to market.

PPD - PPD provides discovery, development and post-approval services for clinical trial management.

PRA International - Global Clinical Development - PRA is a leading international drug development organization with more than 1,300 employees worldwide and anticipated 2002 revenues of approximately $140 million. Founded in 1976, the company has provided services on a contract basis to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for more than 25 years. Today, PRA is among the largest contract research organization

PRC Clinical - PRC Clinical is located in the San Bruno, CA, specializing in trial management services including clinical project management, regional clinical monitoring, and site payment administration.

PRESCOS Preclinical CRO - PRESCOS LLC is a preclinical CRO that provides in vivo contract research services (disease models and PK studies), as well as expert consulting services, supporting the preclinical drug research and development of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

PROMETRIKA, LLC - A Full-Service CRO - PROMETRIKA, LLC is a full-service, WBENC certified, contract research organization serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the areas of clinical operation, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, and regulatory submissions

PSI - PSI is a leading full-service CRO with 800+ staff in Europe (Eastern, Central, Western), the USA and Latin America.

PaDiSys – Mobile Patient Data Capture and Treatment Adherence Solution - PaDiSys is a mobile based Patient Reported Outcomes Capturing Solution which allows filling Clinical Trial questionnaires on mobile phones. It also helps in ensuring clinical trial adherence of the trial patients.It is a 21CFR part 11 compliant Solution.

Pacific Clinical Research Medical Group - Since 1987, Pacific Clinical Research Medical Group has been an internationally recognized leader in clinical trial research.

Panlabs Biologics Inc - Panlabs is offering strain improvement and process development. Panlabs has been experiencing primary and secondary metabolites from microbes. Also, Panlabs has 24,000 novel strains, by which we offer bioconversion and NP Library for drug discovery.

Paragon Biomedical - A full-service, global CRO providing Phase I-IV clinical trial services to biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Peptide synthesis - Polypetide commercialises peptide synthesis since 1952. This company is number two peptide group in the world. View our brochure online now to get more informations about the company and our products.

Phage Consultants - Practically we are able to handle every type of phage-related research, from designing strategies which minimize a chance of contamination of fermentation processes, construction of rapid phage detection assays to phage production optimization.

Pharm-Olam International - Pharm-Olam is a true, multi-national contract research organization offering a wide range of comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medial device industries. Celebrating 10 years, POI has expanded to more than 30 countries.

PharmOptima, LLC - PharmOptima is a CRO providing consulting and laboratory services. Our expertise includes: In vivo & In vitro ADME establishing bioanalytical assays using HPLC/MS-MS and other methods, PK/PD analyses, brain uptake, ocular PK, and GLP sample analysis.

Pharma Clinical S.A.G 2003 - Pharma Clinical is an independent CRO, established in 1988 providing variety of clinical services to pharma and biotech companies. Pharma Clinical offers tailored solutions for phase I through phase IV clinical studies and medical surveys.

Pharma Medica Research Inc. - Pharma Medica Research Inc. is a full-service contract research organization based in the Greater Toronto Area. Our organization’s primary focus is in bioequivalence trials in healthy volunteers.

PharmaLinkFHI - Provides global clinical development services. Through Internet-based technology, PharmaLinkFHI provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies real-time clinical development solutions.

PharmaPart AG - Services for the clinical development and the registration of medicinal products for human and veterinary use:consulting, clinical study management, biostatistics, medical writing, translations, and quality assurance.

PharmaSense - Pharmaceutical, Medical & Health Care Consultancy Technical Translations

Pharmanet Clinical Research Organization - Global supplier of clinical development services offering Phase I - IV clinical trials, bioanalytical, pharmaceutical and regulatory consulting services.

Pharmatech Oncology, Inc. - A US-Based full-service exclusively oncology focused CRO and SMO experienced with more than 130 Phase I-IV cancer trials. Our proven Just-Time-Time enrollment model increases accrual rates in oncology for both new and rescue projects.

Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc. - San Diego based company provides pharmaceutical chemistry services ranging from methods development and stability testing, to formulation development and small-scale manufacturing for clinical studies.

Phylonix - Phylonix is a Contract Research Organization providing in vivo zebrafish assays for drug discovery and screening. Our toxicologists, biochemists, developmental biologists, aquaculturists and molecular biologists can perform general and organ and cell specific toxicity studies, pathology, gene profiling, cellular activity and behavioral studies.

Physiogenex - CRO in preclinical discovery services for complex metabolic disorders associated with diabetes, liver diseases, lipid disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Leader in kinetic methods using radioactive tracers and animal nutritional models.

Piedmont Consulting Group, LLC - A focused group of clinical trials professionals with services from Phase 1 and 2 planning, clinical trials, and data management/statistics.

Pinnacle Research Group, LLC - Clinical trials multi therapy site management organization.

Popsi Cube Contract Research Organisation - POPSI CUBE the next generation CRO, Expert in clinical research and information technology. Popsi Cube can manage Phase II to Phase IV clinical trials as a Full services CRO + eTools (eCRF, IWRS, DP&P)

PreClinOmics - Contract research and drug testing

Precise Health Research - A full service CRO

Preclinical CRO providing drug discovery services in metabolic diseases - Based on our expertise in diabetes, obesity, pancreatic ß-cell function, and brain, we offer a complete array of preclinical services for compound testing and target validation using state-of-the-art approaches and experimental models.

Preclinical Contract Research Services - William Harvey Research Limited is a preclinical contract research organisation specialising in models of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

Preclinical Translational Services - Preclinical Translational Services provides quality preclinical testing of medical devices, surgical procedures and therapeutics, taking advantage of a range of capabilities and the extensive experience of its internationally renowned staff members.

Premier Research - The Clinical Research Division of SCP Communications provides focused clinical research solutions by customizing Web-enabled technologies and processes which are integrated with Premier's monitoring and data management services.

ProLynx Clinical Research - PROLYNX is a budding CRO-MCO covering Asia-Pacific region with expertise in clinical project management and monitoring, medical communications / medical writing, proofreading /editing, offering ICH GCP trainings and biostatistical services.

Profil Institute for Clinical Research, Inc. - Profil is a privately owned institute providing high quality early phase clinical research services in Diabetes and Obesity.

Profil Institute for Clinical Research - Profil is a privately owned institute providing high quality early phase clinical research services in diabetes and obesity.

Promedica International - PMI's services include: clinical study design, mgmt, and monitoring data management/analysis medical writing auditing & training for GCP/ISO compliance regulatory submissions preparation strategic planning for medical product introductions.

Protein characterization services for analytical testing and assay development - Founded to address the growing need for advanced, innovative product characterization and analytical testing, Blue Stream Laboratories provides sound technical expertise and unrivaled customer service

Proteios, Ltd - Proteios Ltd. specializes in protein expression, protein purification, protein biochemistry and assay development. The primary aim of the company is to deliver purified, biologically active proteins to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities

Psychogenics, Inc. - We provide preclinical evaluation addressing major CNS disorders (anxiety, cognition, depression, psychosis, eating disorders, inflammatory and neuropathic pain, neurodegeneration), phenotyping and screening of novel therapeutics.

Queen Pharmaceutical Services - Queen Pharmaceutical Services Inc. is a CRO based in Saudi Arabia. QPS provides GCP, GLP standards. Full biostatistical Services are available

Quest Life Sciences-CRO-Source of Clinical Excellence - Quest Life Sciences is a quality-driven Contract Research Organization established in 2004. Quest Life Sciences offers a full array of Clinical Trial Services, having extensive experience in conducting PK/PD studies.

Quintiles Transnational Corp. - A contract research company providing a widerange of clinical research services for biotech and pharmaceutical clients all over the world.

RCRI, Inc. - RCRI is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, quality, and biostatistical consulting services to medical device, combination product, and IVD industries.

Randox Pharma Services - Offers innovative solutions to Pharmaceutical, CRO's and Biotech companies for faster more economical drug developments and trials.

ReachBio - ReachBio offers a variety of standardized contract services based on functional in vitro and in vivo cell biology assays for bone marrow modulation, drug toxicity testing and mechanistic evaluation.

Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry - Rebexsess offers rational drug design-the integration of computational chemistry service into medicinal chemistry service for small molecule drug discovery to mitigate the ricks of clinical trial from discovery stage in cost effective fashion.

Research Dynamics Consulting Group, Ltd. - Research Dynamics provides clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, device, CRO and SMO industries, and to clinical research investigators. Services include specialty CRO services including monitoring, centralized site management, and data management, as well as auditing and consulting, and clinical research training.

Respiratory Preclinical Research Services - Pneumolabs is a preclincial research service provider specialising in tests/models in the Respiratory fields of Asthma and COPD

SBW Ltd Drug discovery Solutions - covers the following areas: Discovery informatics Discovery biology ADME/DMPK In vivo disease models Pre-clinical safety and toxicology Clinical trials Functional food ingredients Chemical safety (REACH)

SIX SIGMA BIO - Six Sigma Bio is a quality-driven CRO serving clients globally in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors, specializing in medical writing services.

SMO-CLINICA, SAS - SMO-CLINICA is Site Management Organization (SMO) that runs phase II, III & IV clinical trials through fully-owned investigating sites, subsidiaries, franchisees & partners spread across Eastern and Western Europe, India, Asia and Latin America.

SMO-USA, Inc. - National site management organization for phase II-IV clinical investigations for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

SRA Global Clinical Development - SRA Global Clinical Development covers every aspect of clinical research, from individual Phase I studies to complete Phase IV programs as well as co-ordinating international multi-center trials.

SSPCC, Inc. - SSPCC, Inc. offers consulting, CRO selection & management, & study design services for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

SSS International Clinical Research GmbH - Contract Research Organization for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industry since 1992

STATKING Consulting, Inc. - Provider of biostatistics, clinical data management, clinical study monitoring and medical writing services for clinical trials for regulatory approval of new drugs and medical devices.

Sales Success Consulting - Expert SEO Boston services providers - Sales Success Consulting is an A+ BBB rated website design & SEO boston company offering web design, graphic design, cms web development, PPC, Online Advertising, google adwords and search engine optimization boston services.

Sample Prep Solutions - We offer training services in sample preparation, bioanalytical method development, high throughput techniques and solid-phase extraction. Our staff educates and mentors analytical scientists to improve their proficiency.

Scian Research Services - A Canadian contract research organization (CRO) with a long standing track-record and well established SOP's supporting: protocol development, study design, clinical data management, monitoring, bio-statistics, report preparation, manuscript writing and regulatory submissions through all clinical phases (Phase I-IV)

Scimega Research Oncology CRO - Scimega Research provides biopharma companies with quicker access to cleaner data. World-class project management and monitoring capabilities means timelier, more cost effective drug development decisions.

Scirex Corporation - A full-service clinical development organization providing a comprehensive menu of clinical research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including clinical operations management, data management, and statistics services, as well as site management services in the therapeutic areas of psychiatry and analgesia.

Sequent Development - Preclinical CRO - Sequent Development is an independent CRO based in the U.S. that offers low-cost preclinical drug services in state-of-the art, GLP-certified research facilities in Kiev, Ukraine.

Signën Clinical Discoveries Limited - Signën Clinical Discoveries Limited is a leading CRO in the Middle East

Sino Biological - Protein & Antibody Services & Reagents - Sino Biological provides one-stop biological contract services. Our products include recombinant proteins, rabbit monoclonal antibodies, mouse monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, and other research tools.

Sofpromed Investigación Clínica, SLU - Sofpromed is a CRO specialized in the management of clinical trials and observational studies. The company develops electronic case report forms (e-CRF) and clinical trial management platforms (e-CTP).

Sofpromed Investigación Clínica, SLU - Sofpromed is a CRO specialized in the management of clinical trials and observational studies. The company develops electronic case report forms (e-CRF) and clinical trial management platforms.

Southern Clinical & Regulatory, Inc. - A full service CRO providing clinical research support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Southern Star Research - Southern Star Research is a leading Australian full service CRO, dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalised service. Expertise covers Ph I-IV & device trials. Services incl Project Mgmt, Monitoring, safety reporting, Medical Monitoring.

Stabicon Life Sciences Pvt Ltd - Stabicon is a CRO based in Bangalore and we are offering services in the area of Analytical Method Development & Validations and Stability Programs Management to meet the various global regulatory requirement.

Stat Clinical Research - Homehealth Services for Clinical Trial patients.

Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC Clinical) - SDC is a quality focussed provider of Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management services located in Tempe, AZ

Stiris Research - Stiris provides highly experienced Project Management and Monitoring for Phase I-IV clinical trials. We seamlessly integrate to assemble the perfect team and deliver a highly efficient, cost effective solution

Stone Consultores - Dedicated to technical regulatory affairs, aimed at the attainment of licenses required to distribute cosmetic, medical supplies, natural food and household products in Venezuela.

Symbiance, Inc. - A Princeton area CRO with over 20 years experience in clinical data management, biostatistics/SAS programming and medical writing.

Symbion Research International - A full-service CRO offering a complete spectrum of product development, clinical research, and regulatory services.

SynCon International - SynCon International is specialised in clinical research services, recruitment and staffing of personnel in the emerging market regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Latin America.

Synelvia - CRO in biomarkers anlysis & drugs effects evaluation - Synelvia is a CRO dedicated to the analysis of biomarkers and evaluation of drugs effects in the areas of dermatology and cardio-vascular diseases using innovating technologies (lipidomics, pre-clinical imaging) for drug development optimization

Synergos, Inc. - A full-service CRO, with expertise in all areas of clinical research, including clinical trial management, data management, regulatory affairs, and biostatistics.

Synergy Research Group - Russia-based CRO assisting both pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in all areas of drug development: Phase II - IV clinical trials including monitoring, trials management, data management, statistics regulatory affairs storage and logistics.

Synexsess Discovery Chemistry - The chemistry consulting for medicinal chemistry, structure based design, computational chemistry, protein crystallography, chemistry outsourcing managment for preclinical drug discovery

Synteract, Inc - Synteract provides clinical research services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry assisting firms in the clinical trials process from patient enrollment to FDA submission. Synteract is located in Carlsbad, California.

Syreon Corporation - Syreon is a dynamic clinical research organization that combines advanced computing technologies, specialized therapeutic expertise and global reach to provide leading edge clinical research programs.

TCG Lifesciences Ltd. - TCG Lifesciences is a leading life sciences contract research and informatics solutions organization focused on enabling translational medicine approaches to discovery and development of superior drugs and biologics.

TGA Sciences, Inc. - TGA Sciences, Inc. is an FDA/EMA compliant CRO providing a comprehensive range of laboratory services. We offer a complete package of customized testing systems utilized in clinical studies, all in compliance with cGLP and cGMP requirements.

TICRO - NY based CRO providing vaccine and drug development research solutions for immunology and infectious disease sectors. Specializing in immunophenotyping, immunogenicity and preclinical efficacy testing using models of influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

TKL Research, Inc. - Clinical research company in the U.S. serving cosmetic, OTC drug and pharmaceutical clients, providing full-service clinical testing, clinical trials.

TM3 Therapeutics Your Trusted CRO - TM3 offers array of pre-clinical in-vitro & invivo R&D, diagnostic services to pharma, biotech, medical device & diagnostic industries. Services include protocol dev., pre-clinical diagnostic testing, data management, analysis, writing, and more.

TRAC Services - TRAC Services are a regulatory affairs consultancy who help pharmaceutical companies meet the regulatory requirements needed to market and sell their products within Europe.

Target Health Inc. - Covering all aspects of regulatory affairs, clinical research, biostatistics, data management, strategic planning, and drug & device development, with specialized advisors in toxicology, analytical methods validation, product & process development, quality assurance, manufacturing, & animal health.

The Clinical Trial Company - The Clinical Trial Company was formed in 2002. TCTC realised there was an opportunity in the CRO sector for a company which targeted medium size clinical trials and novel products which lacked a classical road map to the market.

The Global CRO Rooted in the Global Domain - Pierrel Research is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing the entire range of clinical research and scientific marketing services as well as e-clinical trial solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries

The Specialized Dermatological CRO - Cutest was established in 1984 on the basis of the founders’ extensive experience in clinical dermatology and skin research. Since our inception Cutest has set the standard in implementing superior clinical studies for skin-care products.

The Total Approach, Inc. - TTA is a specialized CRO focused on providing quality clinical services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our approach is comprehensive, specialized to each sponsors need with a collective team approach.

The peptide synthesis company - LifeTein LLC was founded for its global custom peptide synthesis services and antibody production services for drug development and provides expert collaborative research services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

TopPharm Consulting regulatory affairs services in EU - Regulatory affairs services in EU: authorization of medicinal products, dossier auditing and preparation, consultation on regulatory strategies, PIL readability testing, in-licensing and other regulatory affairs services. Former authority experts.

Trial Management Group, Inc. - Site management organization located in Canada offering accelerated recruitment and trial management support services

TrialStar, Inc. - Providing clinical trial expertise and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Triangle Biostatistics, LLC - Triangle Biostatistics provides statistical consulting and statistical programming support to the pharmaceutical industry.

Trio Clinical Research - An innovative contract research and clinical staffing organization supporting the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in their quest to bring novel products to market.

TrioGrup Clinical Research - Accredited CRO by Turkish Healh Authority

Unison Clinical Research - Unison Clinical Research, Inc (UCR) – A TMO with international strategic alliances in Asia, Africa, Europe & N. America, conducting Phase I-IV trials. UCR is dedicated to providing accurate & timely research results in accordance with GCP/ICH guidelines

VIMTA Labs Ltd - VIMTA Labs Ltd. provides contract research services in the areas of contract lab services, clinical trials, bioequivalence (BE) studies, pre-clinical (animal) studies and central lab services.

VPDC, Inc. - Offers CRAs and Senior CRAs to provide clinical trial monitoring services on a contract basis throughout the country.

Validation Laboratories Inc - Validation Laboratories Inc., VLI, is a specialized laboratory testing service to support Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Food, Medicinal Products, Cosmetics, Consumer Products, & Chemical Industries.

Validation Labs Inc. - Validation Labs Inc. provides cost effective and rapid microbiology services, bacterial identification, mold testing, chemical testing, method development, method validation services for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industry.

Veeda Biometrics - Veeda Biometrics is dedicated to providing biometrics services internationally for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. With offices in Europe and India, Veeda Biometrics is in an unparalleled position to meet both the regional and global needs of clients and deliver a unique service offering combining the quality and experience of the West with the intellectual ability and tireless work ethic of the East at Eastern prices.

Veeda Clinical Research - Veeda Clinical Research, is a global full-service Phase I and IIa clinical research, contract research organizations (CRO), clinical research studies by expert’s Clinical research professionals in Japan, India, UK and Belgium

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services - Velesco Pharmaceutical Services is a CMC contract research organization providing early stage drug development including contract analytical method development and drug formulation services.

Ventana Clinical Research Corporation - Ventana is a full-service clinical research organization with specialization in Phase I and CNS drug development. We offer efficient project management ensuring seamless transition through each stage of development.

Vibgyor Scientific Research Private Ltd. - Vibgyor is a scientific research organization founded in the year 2000 in India with offices in USA and UK. Site services for clinical trials, Medical Writing, Data Management, PharmacoVigilance, Cardiac Devices studies.

Vipragen Biosciences Private Limited - VIPRAGEN BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED, is a contract service provider based in Mysore. Our vision is in partnering, collaborating and providing services in Biology, DMPK, discovery, Toxicology &life science research to both Industry and Academia.

ViroMed Laboratories - A comprehensive testing laboratory for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, medical device, integrated health care, pharmaceutical, and chemical germicide industries.

Vital Systems, Inc. - A full service CRO that provides customized clinical trial services for emerging pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology development including: study design, patient recruitment, monitoring, data management, statistical analysis and reporting.

Vitalea Science: AMS Services for Drug Development - A pioneering Bioanalytical CRO providing services supported by the new BioMICADAS(tm) Accelerator Mass Spectrometer for exploring pharmacokinetics and metabolism of drug candidates directly in humans, both prior to and as part of Phase I clinical trials.

Warnex Inc. - Warnex is a life sciences company providing laboratory services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including analytical, bioanalytical, and medical laboratory services.

Washington Biotechnology, Inc. - A Washington, D.C. based Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering in vivo preclinicals and research, quality control, and regulatory services for United States FDA submissions.

West Coast Clinical Trials - Southern California Phase I-IV CRO with 120 bed clinic.

WinPharm Associates, LLC. - A management consulting firm supporting early clinical development of drugs, biologicals and devices.

Worldwide Primates, Inc. - Worldwide Primates is a leading supplier of premium quality non-human primate models for research, including government, university, and pharmaceutical level facilities.

Xeno Diagnostics, LLC - Xeno Diagnostics is a Contract Research Organization specializing in cell-based assays. Models include Non-human Primates, Porcine, Bovine, and Human. Services can be run under GLP, non-GLP, or CLIA regulations.

XenoTech - Provides GLP services and products that deliver information recommended by the US Food & Drug Administration to predict inter-individual variation in safety and drug efficacy, and to explain adverse drug reactions.

ZM Company - Offers a broad array of services in medical affairs & pharmacovigilance, data management, medical writing, training, and consultation. Located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Zyleris PharmaTech - Zyleris provides high-throughput formulation screening and development services for topical, transdermal, and personal care product development. Specifically, we provide high-throughput in vitro skin absorption and permeation screening services.

iLogy Healthcare Solutions - iLogy provides end-to-end medical writing and data management solutions for clinical research and pharma research organizations, including manuscripts, abstracts, CSRs, protocols, CRFs, posters and regulatory documents.