Ciphergen – Ciphergen is a provider of enabling tools and collaborative services in the emerging field of protein-based biology research, known as proteomics.

ALARIS – ALARIS Medical Systems, Inc. manufacturers and distributes the IMED and IVAC brands of infusion systems patient monitoring products.

AVIVA Biosciences – AVIVA Biosciences develops enabling instrument platforms, consumables and biological assay systems used in drug development and safety testing. Drawing upon a substantial patent portfolio, Aviva has demonstrated the ability to conduct high throughput patch-clamp ion channel measurements on individual cells with the highest success rate in the industry. Existing meth

Abgent – Abgent specializes in antibodies, peptides, and protein expression products and services, with an emphasis on cell signaling,cell cycle, and molecular biology

Abhay Exports – Chemical supply company – B2B marketplace for international suppliers and buyers of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

AgriVirion – AgriVirion offers efficient, flexible production of baculovirus-coded recombinant proteins on scales that cannot be achieved affordably with conventional cultured insect cell methods.

Allvivo – A biomimetic surface technology company. – AltaRex Corp. is an antibody-based cancer therapeutic company with a cutting-edge technology platform: Antibody-based Immunotherapy that employs monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Business Model Focus exclusively on mAbs as immunotherapeutics – Target cancer initially, then infectious and autoimmune diseases – Aggressive registration plan – Commercialization of products

Amgen – A biotechnology company

Anamed Inc. Biomedical Technologies – Anamed, Inc., is a biomedical technology company that develops implantable products that correct and maintain vision, and are made from its proprietary Nutrapore?micro-porous hydrogel material.

Anika Therapeutics, Inc. – Anika Therapeutics, Inc. is a leader in pure hyaluronic acid biomaterials for medical applications such as osteoarthritis, ophthalmics, orthopedics, adhesion prevention, cancer and drug delivery.

Antigenics – Biotechnology company developing cancer vaccines and other treatments for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders

Applied Biosystems – Applied Biosystems – providing the world’s leading technology and information solutions to help life scientists understand the logic of biology.

Applied Medical – Applied is a manufacturer of surgical devices with divisions specializing in Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery, General Surgery and Urology.

Applied Molecular Evolution – AME is a leader in applying directed molecular evolution to improve healthcare by optimizing and developing human biotherapeutics.

Aptagen Inc. – Aptagen is a genetic engineering and proteomics company focused on integrated DNA technology including human gene and protein manipulation, consensus codon optimization and gene synthesis services.

Arachnova Ltd – A specialist outsourced technology and project management company operating from the phases of pharmaceutical lead optimisation through to early clinical development.

Arrow International – Arrow International; combining technology and product innovation to extend the use of catheterization for the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients.

ArteriA — Stroke Solutions – ArteriA Medical Science, Inc, the stroke solutions company, applying innovative technology to Stroke Prevention, Angiography and Stroke Therapy

ArthroCare Corporation – Bipolar, radiofrequency based devices for soft tissue removal via patented Coblation(R) technology. Applications include: arthroscopic surgery, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, cosmetic and dermatologic surgery and cardiac care.

Asper Biotech – Asper Biotech offers efficient, robust and flexible high-throughput genotyping services and products for genome-wide mutation and SNP detection and resequencing based on APEX technology through custom genotyping service and technology transfer.

Atto Bioscience – Provides screening bioimaging technology and assay development tools to the drug discovery researcher.

AxCell Biosciences Corporation – AxCell has proprietary technology to chart the proteome quickly and cost effectively, creating the Inter-Functional Proteomic Database and integrating protein pathway data with public data.

BIO-key International – Provides biometric finger identification technology that eliminates the need for passwords, smart cards or embedded user IDs.

Bachem AG – Specialises in the development of manufacturing process for the production of innovative biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds.

Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd. – Discovers and develops novel drugs against bacterial and fungal infections and skin diseases.

BattellePharma – Develops technologies, medical devices, drugs, and drug formulations for the inhalation treatment of respiratory and systemic diseases.

Bavarian Nordic A/S – Bavarian Nordic A/S

Baxter Healthcare – A global medical products and services company focusing on critical therapies for life-threatening conditions, specifically with products and services in blood therapies, cardiovascular medicine, medication delivery and renal therapy.

Beaufour Ipsen – Specialised in biotechnology, and expert in drugs extracted from Ginkgo biloba and clay-based products.

Berlex Laboratories – Committed to bringing to the market preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medicines in the fields of dermatology, diagnostic imaging, womenâs health and therapeutics.

Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc. – The medical branded products division of Mylan Laboratories Inc. Bertek offers Dermatology, Burn and Wound Care, Cardiovascular, and Neurological Products.

BioCarta – Life science information provider including proteomics, DNA structure, metabolic pathways, chemokines, human cell, biotechnology, human genome science, and bioinformatics.

BioCurex – Patented and proprietary technology that is leading the way in early detection and effective treatment of cancer.

BioLegend – BioLegend offers antibodies for cell surface markers (CD antigens), cytokines/chemokines, cell biology and cancer biology research for flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISPOT, immunohistochemistry, and western blot applications. – Services for Drug Discovery – Compounds and compound libraries, building blocks, combinatorial chemistry libraries, HTS equipment, custom synthesis, lead optimization, and services that support drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

BioSpecifics – BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. is a pharmaceutical company with a focus on wound healing, and tissue remodeling. It has pioneered the application of collagenase for several disease conditions, notably dermal ulcers, pressure sores (bedsores), and second and third degree burns, Keloids. BioSpecifics produces Collagenase ABC, the essential ingredient

BioSphere Medical – Bioengineered microspheres for the minimally invasive treatment of hypervascularized tumors and vascular malformations.

BioVentures – BioVentures Inc. is dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers where the art of identifying genetic diversity meets with the discovery of underlying relationships between health and disease.

BioWisdom – BioWisdom is a biomedical informatics company developing systems to help R&D; professionals access and analyse critical information and to assist them in the discovery and development of novel medical strategies and pharmaceuticals.

Biofrontera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG – A german neuroscience company focused on the discovery of new therapies against disorders of the nervous system.

Biomedical Diagnostics – Provide innovative cancer screening products and services worldwide.

Biomerica, Inc. – Manufacturer of medical diagnostic test products (EZ Detect, Fortel, Gliaden, EZ PSA, etc.) and developer of ReadyScript, wireless point-of-care prescription automation software. – Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. is a fully integrated, innovative, Canadian biopharmaceutical, research, development and proprietary technologies, veterinary, Bioniche, Toronto Stock Exchange, quarterly , Bioniche Inc. became a public company on February 1, 1992. In July 1999, Bioniche Inc, Renaissance, Vetrepharm, Bioniche Life Sciences Inc, animal human health unit corpo

Bioshield Technologies – An antimicrobial and antiviral company. Surface-modifying antimicrobial and antiviral products.

Biosite Incorporated – Medical Diagnostics

Biosource International – Biosource International provides biomedical researchers with tools and basic materials used in signal transduction, immunology, and cell biology. Cytokines, growth factors, monoclonal, polyclonal, antibodies, chemokines,beta Amyloid, Tau, recombinant proteins, immunoassays, ELISA, EIA,apoptosis, cell cycle, signal transduction, phosphorylation, serum, media,cell

Biotools – BioTools Incorporated is a high-tech company involved in bringing bioinformatic solutions to the global arena of drug discovery.

Boca Pharmacal, Inc. – Boca Pahrmacal, Inc. offers quality, generic prescription pharmaceuticals.

Boston Biomedica, Inc. – Boston Biomedica, Inc. manufactures and markets quality control products for use with in vitro diagnostic test kits for the detection of infectious diseases, including AIDS, Hepatitis, and Lyme Disease.